Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Pinterest Day 1 - Rosemary liver and bison burgers

In trying to add more iron to my diet, I've been experimenting with liver recipes. This is the most promising one I found on Pinterest, so I'm using it for my first day of 'cooking from Pinterest.'

Here is the original recipe, Rosemary Liver burgers by Louise Hendon

What I could use:
ground beef
ground liver
chili pepper flakes

What I couldn't use:
black pepper

What I did:
I substituted bison for beef (2 pounds).

Then I blended up the liver until it was nearly a liquid (I think this was 1 pound, but might have been more).

I then added 1/4 cup fresh rosemary, 2 Tb fresh oregano, crushed chiltepines (maybe 6-9), and 4 half-dehydrated white button mushrooms, diced. Added a good amount of salt, too.

I thought that it might be too liquidy because of the liquified liver, but it just made the burgers juice and they held together quite well. I'm not sure if the partially dried mushroom may have helped soak up any extra liquid, too.

I cooked it in an oiled iron skillet at just under medium heat for a few minutes each side, and it was ready.

The Result:
It turned out quite well - the rosemary and rich 'bison' taste were prominent, plus the chile. I couldn't tell there was liver or mushrooms, although my daughter says she could taste both. It also made a good number of burgers, so I had leftovers to freeze for later.

I'd definitely make it again.

Sadly, this was eaten and gone before I remembered to take pictures. Guess I'll have to wait to do it later, as I'll definitely be making these again!

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