Chemical Free

I react to, well, pretty much everything. If you haven't read my About section yet, let me briefly say that I mean this kind of literally. MCAD, the disorder I have, causes people to react allergically to both allergens and things that are not allergens, like chemicals. Each individual's list of items that 'trigger' this reaction is unique. My own seems to involve a huge number of scents and off gassing, especially from man made products.

As a result, I have to find very plain, simple products to use in my house and on my body, or I have to learn how to make them myself. And here's what I've learned so far!

Hair and Skin Care
Allergen Free Hygiene - Ideas for cleaning hair, teeth, and body
Hair Curling method, no heat - sock bun
Oil Cleansing method for face
Soapnut Shampoo - soapnuts used for shampoo
Soapnuts part II - shampoo and skin cleaning
Sudsy Soapcakes - good chemical free soap
Sunscreen, DIY - a homemade sunscreen bar

Cleaning and caring for the Home
Soap nuts part II - Laundry and Dish cleaning

Not-so-simple-or-plain Products:
I wanted to add in this one section. I still have a lot of problems with many, many chemicals, but have found one brand of Korean skin care products that I have put on my face and not reacted to the smell, which is amazing. It's called CosRx. I would imagine many people would still react to these, but if chemical smells are a big issue, and you desperately want something you don't have to make, something form this company might be worth exploring, at least. I find them at Amazon, so not hard to track down that way.

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