Wednesday, August 27, 2014

365 days of Pinterest

Here's what's going on in my life right now.

I'm having problems sticking as completely to my diet as I need to. There are some ingredients I never, ever take a chance on, because the reaction is so severe. But there are a few ingredients that cause lesser reactions, and what often happens is that I will react to something, it affects my brain so I feel kind of spaced out and high, and I make the decision at that point to eat something that's not good for me, rationalizing that I already feel bad and hungry, so it won't make things that much worse.

Except it always makes things that much worse. It's a difficult cycle to get out of, however, when I simply don't have that many recipes that I can make on a daily basis that I like the taste of.  I have realized that I, personally, need some immediate positive reinforcement to stick completely to my diet, not just negative reinforcement.

Because it adds up. I get sicker and sicker, and my reactions get more and more intense. I cannot do this. At the same time, I've always found it challenging to try and hunt down recipes and cook them during the busy days we tend to have, or to cook at all when I'm reacting and completely out of it.  Especially as I make food for the kids that most of the time, is not the same as the meal I'm eating.

So it's often 6 meals a day plus 6 snacks a day. I use up my store of tasty recipes extremely quickly and the kids and I get bored with the limited selection pretty darn quickly.

I need to change this if I still want to be around, and mobile, as my kids grow up.  And I'm hoping Pinterest can help with that.

For 365 days, I'm going to get a recipe off of Pinterest and try to make a version of it I can eat. I'm also going to freeze at least some of what I make, twice a week at a minimum, to build up a supply of food I can eat on days when I'm ill.

These cooking days will not be all in a row. I am not healthy enough to pull that off. But I hope that by doing this large amount, it can at least get me a couple dozen good recipes. And that can enable me to stay on my diet. Heck, maybe I'll even become a better cook.

And I'm going to be putting up here what I do, and what I use, and how it turned out. Some of it is going to turn out badly. Like, really badly. I know this with an absolute certainty. And some substitutions are not going to work, and, well, we'll just see how it goes.

But soon, I will start my Pinterest challenge and see how it goes.

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