Looking Forward

These are recipes I hope to alter and use some day - they look amazing, scrumptious, easy to make, or all three. Hope you enjoy them as much as I hope to, one day!

Apple and Avocado smoothie - looks interesting, with mint!

Carrot Apple Ginger smoothie - if I can find a way to do this dairy free, like with cashew cream, this
could be awesome!

Salted Mint Lassi - this actually doesn't look appealing, but I heard so many good things about it, I'm curious now.

Sunflower seed milk - this website has recipes for numerous seed and nut milks.

roasting carrots for smoothies - want to check this out. Has numerous other recipes could possibly tweak

Condiments, relishes, pickles, and sauces
Avocado Hummus - looks really interesting!

Cashew Mayonnaise - I think this is totally doable, with a little tweaking!

Nasturtium hot sauce - A hot sauce I might be able to make!

Garlic Scapes - many recipes for Garlic Scapes (garlic stalks and flowers)

Hoisin sauce, DIY - looks potentially alterable, more than many I've seen.

Jalapeño extract - recipe for making chile-type extracts with alcohol

Instant Radish Pickles - from JustBento. Attempts to expand the kids' horizons a bit, if they can tolerate something like this.

Tangy Parsley Sauce - an idea that might be workable with a lot of work.

Savory Foods
arepa - it's a flatbread made of corn, so...if I can someday have corn, or find another bread to use and stuff with the same fillings.

Autoimmune paleo protocol recipes - a lot of recipes that look really interesting, grain free.

Banana Blossom - How to clean and a spicy Thai Chicken and Banana Blossom Salad.

Carrot Puree - interesting idea for something to use instead of butter or sour cream. Need to find a dairy free way to mess with this.

Cashew Queso - Cashew cream based, spicy Queso faux-cheese, the kind you'd use over nachos. I'm thinking this could be good for a Mexican version of the Potato and Ground beef gratin.

Cashew Vegetable Korma - flavor interest.

Cauliflower hummus - might be doable!

Chana Masala - Interesting flavor ideas.

Chickpea Salad Sammiches - Using Chickpeas instead of tunafish, basically. I'll have to look into this for other recipes that call for tuna!

crab rangoon - for my kids, if I can find a way to make them.

crackers, nut and seed pulp - simple, easy recipe for making seed or nut pulp crackers

Cream Cheese Wontons - I used to love these, and if I could EVER figure out a way to make them, I would do it in a heartbeat. Guess I'll have to think of it from this.

Crispy Cornmeal Sweet Potato Fries - Lots of good advice on making a crispy BAKED sweet potato fry. I'm hoping it might translate over into one that is coated in potato starch instead of cornmeal.

flatbreads - tons of 'em!

General Tso's Chicken - for the kids, GF.

Japanese Kamaboko - processed white fish log, useful for bentos, DIY

Kimchi Gnocchi - interesting idea. I can't do this, probably ever, but I think something about it deserves to be recreated.

lemon cream sauce - with a hamburger - maybe could recreate with cashews.

Mason Jar Mini Pies - I can't make the pie at all, but how to make 'em small is ingenious!

Melted Leeks - literally, leeks cooked until they are just melt-in-your-mouth. Sounds interesting.

Mother and Child Meal - 親子丼' or oyakodon - Japanese dish with chicken and egg, soy sauce, and rice

Peach Gnocchi - also fascinating idea, by 101cookbooks, put by her on another site, I believe. No idea what I'll do with it, but I'd never have thought of potatoes and peaches together, so I don't want to forget!

Plantain chips - look very interesting. Might even be able to do as-is

Potato chips - thin and lays-like, look very good, for sweet potato or potato

Potato and Ground Beef Grain - Just noting this down for the idea - maybe can use it with a cashew
cream based cheesiness.

Pumpkin Gnocchi (grain free, egg free) - it uses ingredients I, again, cannot have, but I might be able to swing something. I like the squash idea, definitely.

stuffed nopales - nopales stuffed with cheese and coated

sweet potato gnocchi - very basic ingredients on this whole site

Roasted Brussel Sprouts and Crispy Baked Tofu - again, I think my son would love this.

Roasted Red Pepper Mac & Cheese - Ideas for a roasted red pepper vegan mac & cheese. Sauce idea looks interesting. Not sure what to use it on that's not pasta, though - maybe I can figure out how to make a type of gnocchi

Shrimp with Green Sauce - a parsley based sauce for baking shrimp - nice to try for the kids, I think.

Slow Cooker Beef and Potato Curry - interesting idea for flavors.

smelt - fried fish, whole and small.

Sweet Butternut Apple Soup - I think this is another one for the cashew cream recipes

Sweet Potato Gnocchi - looks really interesting.

Thai Red Curry with vegetables - looks very good, my son could totally have this.

wonton wrappers, gluten free - since my son wants me to try to make some.

Zucchini crust pizza - I want to look into making a zucchini pizza crust!

Zucchini cheese - you've heard of nut cheese, this is a nut free zucchini based cheese. Seriously! It uses gelatin, or agar agar, neither of which I can have, but someday, maybe!

Sweet Foods
Apple Pie Fries - I can eat one ingredient out of this entire recipe, but it's still such a clever idea I want to mark it in case I can ever think of some neat thing to do with something like this.  Maybe dough made of potato flour and blended meat and veggies and shepherd pie fries??

Blueberry jello - nice idea!

Cookie Dough Hummus - this type of recipe is so bizarre it sounds kind of awesome. I can't eat most of the ingredients, but who cares - I can do something with this, somehow, some way!

Dulce de Leche Vegan Ice cream - I like the idea of squash and a non-dairy creamy substance. I'm thinking it may be doable with nuts, perhaps.

Gelatin recipes - ideas on making foam, marshmallows, jello, lots of things.

Klondike bars, paleo and dairy free - OMG I want these.

Marshmallow fluff (vegan) - bean water and sweetener, that's all. Looks super -awesome.

Meringue cookies - for my daughter. We've gotta be able to figure out some way to do this.

Mochi - with sweet rice flour, but no microwave

Raw Cashew Dreamcake - This looks SO good. The original recipe uses dates for the crust, and raspberries and cashew cream are utilized for the dairy free cheese cake-like cake portion. When I can have honey, I am SO trying this!

Yogurt brittle, frozen - interesting idea. Curious to think of subs I could make to do something like this.

Chemical Free Home and Body
Beeswax and cloth based wraps for food storage, DIY - I've been searching for a way to store food that isn't ziploc or aluminum foil - I think this could be it! (more thorough directions: http://myhealthygreenfamily.com/blog/wordpress/plastic-wrap-alternative-diy-beeswax-cotton-wraps/ )

Cleaning Silver without silver polish, and FAST - Very neat. Fun science lesson, too.

lotion, homemade - olive oil and beeswax lotion, homemade

Salve, Calendua, homemade - easy beeswax and olive oil calendula salve

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