Sunday, June 3, 2012

Watermelon-mint sorbet

Yes, I serve my sorbet on plants. Doesn't everyone?

This turned out just awesome. It was sweet, a teeny bit tart, and with an extra cool punch lingering just after you swallow a bite. I enjoyed the heck out of it. Could have eaten it all myself!

Watermelon-mint sorbet
1/2-1 cup cold mint tea - I made mine with spearmint ( I think), lemon grass leaves, and a little stevia
1/3-1/2 of a small watermelon, pureed and strained
juice from 1 very small lime - might be 3/4 of a small lime

1. Mix this all together in a bowl, then dump it in an ice cream maker and blend that puppy until it's icy and thick. I would take a small bite of watermelon before I added the tea, though. If it's not very sweet, too much tea may make it watery tasting. If the watermelon very sweet however - ours was - then the tea shouldn't dilute it enough to dilute the flavor, too.
2. If you don't have an ice cream maker, I would freeze the watermelon juice in an ice cube tray, then put the watermelon cubes, the tea, and the juice in a blender and blend it up until it's the right consistency.
3. Remember, if you are making anything frozen, sweet tastes are less sweet when very cold. So however your sorbet tastes when it is still juice, it will be less sweet as a sorbet. If you feel the need, you could add a sweetener. If you add a sweetener and are using a blender, however, I would add the sweetener to the watermelon juice before freezing. We've had many occasions where our liquid sweetener didn't blend well with already frozen ingredients and ended up in clumpy little bits.

Inspired by:
Last year, I recall seeing a salad on the cooking channel that had feta cheese, watermelon, and mint. Ever since then I've been curious about mint and watermelon, and this is the result.

What could improve this:
If you want something a little healthier and thicker, I wouldn't strain the watermelon. Mine had seeds, so I blended them in the blender and strained the remains out. I think the mint tea by itself, without the lemon grass and stevia, would be just fine. I didn't notice any real lemon or stevia taste at all. The kids did, though, and found it unpleasant, so out it goes. 

LOW HISTAMINE - To make this low histamine, drop the lime juice.

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