Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Melon sorbet...again

This week at the farmer's market I picked up something called a Galia melon, which is a Cantaloupe-honeydew cross, created in 1970. According to the All Powerful Internetz, the scent is how you tell this is ripe, as opposed to the melon becoming soft.

On the outside, it looks like this:

Looks like a Cantaloupe, right?

But on the inside, it's all pretty and green, like this:

Green Lantern would totally eat this.
So as usual, I made sorbet out of it. Mostly because - and don't tell anyone, as this is a secret - I dislike melons. The mouth feel of them grosses me out and the flavor is overly sweet and to me it tastes like it's half-way to rotten or completely tasteless. I always wondered if it was just grocery store version of these, but no, I find fresh-from-the-field melons just as unpleasant. Melons and me simply aren't friends.

Freeze a melon and make a sorbet or smoothie out of it, though, and I think it's awesome.

For this one, we used 1/2 Galia melon's flesh - it was a small-medium melon if it were a cantaloupe, but I don't know how big Galia melons usually get, so it may be average for Galia.
Then the juice of one small lime
We didn't add sweetener to this one, as it was ripe as ripe could be. I used it within hours of getting it home, it was so ripe!

And the result?

Pretty darn good. I liked it. It was similar to many of these unsweetened melon sorbets - the sweet flavor is subtle, not intense, when it's frozen like this. I kind of like that. Refreshing, as cheesy as it feels to use that word. Commercials have forever ruined the term 'refreshing,' I swear. :-)

However, this melon is fairly expensive, more than cantaloupe or honeydew and personally, as someone whose not so fond of melons, it wasn't worth the extra expense unless I really needed a green melon. Definitely sweeter than honeydew, in my experience.

LOW HISTAMINE - This can be made low histamine by dropping the lime juice. Making sure it is not over-ripe should be considered, as well.

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