Thursday, June 21, 2012

A typical daily meal plan

This would be a typical day's meal plan for me in the early summer. Gluten Free, Grain free, sulfite free, dairy free, and soy free. It changes depending on the seasons.

Beverages - water, water with a little fresh squeezed citrus, tea made from herbs in the garden, some homemade pecan milk. Stevia leaves to sweeten or drink unsweetened. Kids can sometimes use agave syrup or honey.

Breakfast at my house

Breakfast - Ground beef cooked with fresh sage, tomatoes, and green chiles. Potatoes fried in the left over beef grease or olive oil.

Snack - Some orange and sliced bell peppers.

Lunch - Tomato soup with zucchini, bell pepper, lots of fresh herbs. Sometimes finish off the ground beef at this point.

Snack - Melon cubes and some roasted melon seeds

Dinner - Bell pepper sauce over yellow squash noodles. Avocado and tomato salad with a little olive oil and crushed chiles. Homemade melon sorbet with a little lime juice.

After Dinner snack - Grapes

As you can see, this is extremely low carb. The kids can have rice or rice pasta periodically, but I'm not able to, so low carb is where I'm at. The ground beef is usually about 1/2 pound a day or so. If it's not meat, then I use bean dishes with more nuts or seeds added.

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