Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Honeydew Melon Sorbet

So, we tried yet another sorbet - they had honedew at the Farmer's market this week, woo hoo!

I looked at a lot of recipes for this on-line, and the most common addition for honeydew seems to be lime or lemon, so we went that route.

I love the color of this stuff!
 Honeydew Melon Sorbet
1/2 a medium Honeydew melon, cut into cubes - check
juice from 2 lemons - check
agave syrup to taste - check (optional)

1. Dump it all into a blender. Blend the crap out of it.
2. Dump it all into an ice cream maker and make sorbet. Or, if you don't have one, do the tray-in-the-freezer method. For that one, I've been looking around, and realized it's been so long since I've done it that I forgot an important factor in this. You DO stir it every 20 minutes - with a fork is suggested - but first you have to wait an hour. I always forget that first hour of non-stirring.

Our honeydew was really not that sweet. Almost no flavor, which is why we added the agave syrup. In the end, it tasted nearly like a mild lemon sorbet more than anything else, just with a beautiful pale green color to it. If someone needed to make this with no sweetener, I'd recommend doing it only with a really ripe honeydew.

LOW HISTAMINE -  To make this low histamine compliant, you'll need to drop the lemon juice. Agave syrup seems to be a toss up, as some lists allow other syrups, like corn syrup, but don't mention agave syrup. Sugar seems to be frequently allowed on low histamine lists.

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