Sunday, May 20, 2012

Salmon Skin Garnish

So pretty, but so tasteless...

I attempted a salmon-tomato-squash sauce today, served over julienned yellow squash noodles. It was a complete bomb, so tasteless that I am not even putting the recipe up. Bad squash, tomatoes not ripe enough, squash over-cooked, so very 'blech.' Even though it looked quite pretty, didn't it? That almost made it more upsetting for it to be so nasty.

However, one thing worked awesome and was the only good thing about this recipe - the little black and gray topping on the sauce there. See it? Nice contrasting color, kind of weird looking?

That was AWESOME. I wish the entire dish had been just that.

So, what was it?
Salmon skin!

Salmon Skin Garnish:
1. Descale some salmon that still has the skin on.
2. Then, broil the salmon with the skin on.
3. After the salmon was done, I peeled the skin off before using the salmon in a sauce. Some kept a little flesh with it, some didn't.
4. Cut the skin into thin, short strips and then fry in a little olive oil and salt until it is a good texture for you. Mine was almost crispy but not quite.
5. Use as garnish.

I just used it as a garnish on top of the sauce. It look nice, and the taste was salty and yummy as heck. I am doing this again, without question. The garnish, not the pasta dish. Just have to figure out something else it would go well with.

Inspired by:
Salmon skin sushi rolls - the salmon skin with just a little flesh is grilled or fried and used as the main meat source for a particular type of sushi roll.

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