Thursday, May 24, 2012

Groceries - week 2

Week 2 

Seriously, I look at our budget and I feel so decadent. This is so much money. I feel very lucky that my husband has a job that makes enough moulah that we can afford it!

Whole Foods - $29.85
The two most expensive things were the organic, grass fed ground beef (1 lb for $8.49) and organic navel oranges (3.27 lbs for $6.51)

Over budget from last week - $32.55

Snacks from the local Mart - $10.74

Whole Foods - $42.26
Avocados and strawberries topped the list this time. Organic Strawberries were 4.99/ lb.

Total: $115.40

No photos this week, just a pictureless void. How sad.

But we definitely stayed in budget this week! Still, it wasn't for the best of reasons. While visiting hubby, we have a Farmer's Market that we can attend so I can find safe veggies and fruits for myself. However, this time there happened to be a festival going on during the regular market time, so the market was cancelled.

I'm really, really glad that this didn't happen a few months back. I've already had a few occasions where I had no safe food, or had a supplier run out of their stock or the season end on something I had hoped to acquire more of to last me for longer.

I have more supplies in our main house, but not at the apartment, so I have slowly been ferreting away food at my husband's place whenever we come. Mostly it's been frozen veggies or meat that I could add to a stew, in an emergency.

This week was the emergency. I haven't been able to find another safe food supplier yet other than the one farmer at the one specific market. So no Farmer's Market means no way to replenish my food supply with safe food. I can get some foods for the kids, but not myself. The first week I used fresh veggies and meat I brought with me, but they've since run out and now I'm living off of the frozen stuff. It's been soup, meat, or soup and meat for a few days now, breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

I'm pretty sick of it, and so tried a fresh piece of food which, of course, I'm now regretting. Back to the soup. Maybe I can fry something up and make it work, if I want to blow over $20 on a new bottle of olive oil. Not sure it's worth it yet, but give me another few days and I may be panting for something NOT boiled.

On the upside, STAYED IN BUDGET. That's worth celebrating, right? And my preparedness paid off, which is gratifying in its own way, even if I'd rather it didn't have to pay off at all.

Here's hoping that I stay in budget just as well next week, too!

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