Sunday, May 20, 2012

A day in the life

I want to remember what this is like, right now, this one point in my life.

Today, my husband has to study for school and I need to write. He needs to get away from the distractions at home and as for me...I need to stay safe.

We tried to see if we could find a compromise. The coffee shops are out, as I start having problems breathing. The sandwich shops are out, as the flour in the air makes me react. We thought about finding a table outside somewhere, but there weren't any plugs for the computers. The library has been using cleaners or something that make me dizzy and sick for hours if I stay there too long.

In the end, we walked together downtown to find him a place to sit where I had to say goodbye and head back home to study by myself while he studied there.

It sucks. I'm still feeling down from getting zapped by some beans a few days ago - it'll probably be a week or two before the residual crazy-anxiety-crap goes away. I wake up anxious about nothing, feel very depressed about food I was fine with a couple days before, and stress over everything.

And that includes missing my hubby. I want to study with him, but I know and he knows that he starts watching TV and playing video games a bit too much when he has them available at home. He wants me to be able to study with him out there, but we both know I react and get very sick when I'm around the coffee and foods and chemicals.

We need to find a tent in the woods that has a solar battery powered plug in for our computers, I swear to God.

...Actually, that's not a bad idea. I believe I may start looking into that. It would be perfect. No distraction but power for our computers that we need to work with.

Problem solved. Ha.

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