Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Days of Real Food

I just found a blog called 100 days of real food. It was a lovely idea - a family was going to try to eat only whole foods, nothing processed, for 100 days. Then they tried it again on a budget.

It was a really neat idea, but I wasn't sure how much it would relate to us, mostly because our own diet has become so extreme. Their criteria for what made up unprocessed food was broader than I'm allowed in my own diet, so the question was, would they have foods I could eat, on their diet?

The answer, unfortunately, was no. They had an impressive list of recipes, but I only found one that  I could eat without making modifications, and it was one I already knew about: kale chips (kale, olive oil, and salt).

And I'll admit, I had a few depressing thoughts on this matter when I found that out - I since deleted the whiniest, because seriously, it's painful to read that much whining without eye strain. Although I'm leaving this small piece: All those recipes - and there are a lot - and only one I can just look up and make. I don't look at recipes too much anymore because I tend to find that, entire blogs and cookbooks where I can't eat a single thing without dropping major ingredients and figuring out what else to do. That can be very depressing to run into over and over again, especially for someone so desperate to find good food.

But I'm trying to focus on something else, because the important part was this: the family in question was really motivated, they worked dang hard, and the mom was very good at sharing their experience in a very easy going, pleasant manner that would be helpful to everyone reading their blog.

I thought I was over this kind of thinking. My reality is different, I am coping with it, and I'm learning to enjoy a lot of it, including the good health that comes from avoiding foods that make me and the family sick. I don't dwell on it much, I just do it. So what if other people get to do different things; they aren't me and I'm not them. It's just a part of how things are, where Mother Nature says: deal with it or die - I don't really care.

Reading the blog today makes me realize...I'm not completely converted into the Healthy Guru awash with calm, at least not yet. I'm working on it, and I've got a bit of it, I think, because I'm still able to be happy for this family and really mean it. But today's still a bit of a recovery day and I'm feeling down and wishing for some comfort food that doesn't exist in my life anymore. At least, not without getting me sick as a dog.

Guess I still need to work on some of this, hmmm? 

However, even if there weren't any recipes I could use, there was one thing I could use on the blog: a reminder to stick to the budget. I need to do that better. Been spending a bit too much on food, lately, which I really shouldn't. I get out the cash for food and that should be it, but the past few months, I've been spending a bit on the ATM card when we're all out and hungry.

It'd be better if I stuck to the cash. Always good to get a reminder to take care of that sort of thing. :-) My budget's a bit higher than the 100 days gal. She did $125 for 4 folks per week. I'm aiming for $150 per week for the three of us still in the house. I can't use coupons, or sales, and I HAVE to eat organic of some things, so I figure that's probably about as good as I'm getting, considering our allergy requirements. If my garden succeeds, hopefully I'll be able to spend even less.

Farmer's market day is Friday. Guess we'll give it a real go, then!

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