Friday, May 18, 2012

Groceries week 1 recap

That's right.
I'm so proud of this picture, I used it twice.

 This has been a crazy week! Discovered that my husband's work is sending him on a trip later this month, so if we wanted to get a chance to see him, we had to move our plans up. Packed up and left for the trip in two days, flat!

For us, that means we:
1. Get someone to babysit the garden and the cats.
2. Pack up the clothes.
3. Pack up some homeschooling supplies and maybe some sport equipment
4. Pack up food and a safe pot, frying plan, and such for me to cook with.
5. Cook a lot. Try out the cooking. Cook some more.

That last one is crucial. I cook for the food we take on the trip, or the food I can eat on the trip. But because I can never be 100% sure that the food I'm getting hasn't had some change in farming or production or whatever, anything I'm going to eat for a trip is something I try out first. And the reason?

If it's not safe, I need to get sick before I go, not when we're in the middle of the trip. Which is exactly what happened on this go round and I didn't cook another thing all night.

Which brings me to my Grocery Fail: I ended up using some of week 2's grocery money for food to take on the trip for the kids this week. Thank goodness this was all in the same pay period!

The total for the entire Week 1 of Groceries was:
Whole Foods - $46.57
Fry's Grocery Store - $12.87
Farmer's market - $93
CVS - $2.56


Fry's (car trip food) - $27.55

Week 1 Grocery Spending Total - a whopping $182.55

Which means that I get to eliminate $32.55 from the budget for Week 2. Thankfully, this is all in the same pay period. I have a lot of previously-made frozen meals stored at hubby's apartment out here, so I don't need to buy as many groceries this week. Admittedly, I'll be feeding four of us for the next two weeks, and trying to stick to the same budget as I was doing for three, but Hubby has some food here, too, that should help.

However, in the future, I think it'll be better if I just discuss the week's groceries at the END of the week, you know, when I actually know how I'm doing, LOL. So nothing on week 2 groceries yet!

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