Sunday, March 10, 2013

Socca Pizza

Gluten free, Grain free, sulfite free pizza!  I am SOOOOO happy!

So, I've been making socca a lot lately, and finally decided to try it as a pizza crust. I baked the socca, made some homemade tomato sauce and spread that out over the top, and then cooked the toppings separately.

The first time the topping was ground bison - tasted great.
The second time it was ground bison and cooked red bell peppers - also great.
The third time it was ground bison plus roasted bell pepper sauce and ground up chiles from the yard - REALLY great. I think that blending up roasted red bell peppers and using that as a sauce would go well with this.

The kids got some mushrooms mixed up in their meat, too, and loved it.

The grin on my son's face when he got to hold up his 'pizza' and eat it - I was close to tears. It's so hard to express how much something like his means to us, just to find a food that we really like, that we can all eat, that we can MAKE. We were all grinning like loons.

So awesome.  I'll put up a more detailed recipe for this later, when we don't eat it so fast that it's completely gone before I even get out the camera for pictures, but for right now?

Socca bread + tomato sauce + toppings = awesome pizza dish.


  1. This sounds interesting. I want to try the socca bread.

  2. You'll have to tell me how it turns out for you. :-)