Tuesday, March 12, 2013

corn tortillas

I can't eat these anymore - maybe someday I can grow my own organic heirloom corn and make this work, but not at the moment.

However, coming from the southwest USA and having made these in the past, I had to put at least one post in here about how to make corn tortillas. They are SO good when made from scratch.

I never used a tortilla press and just made heavy, thick ones by patting them in my hands. I ended up liking those very much, even though they don't roll around food as well. They work great to use as the noodle portion of lasagna if you make a sort of 'Mexican Lasagna,' with chicken, tomatoes, and green chiles as the filling between tortilla layers. A green enchilada sauce goes very well with this, too. Not that I can eat most of that anymore, either, LOL.

This recipe below looks about like what I usually made. Almost no ingredients, just corn masa and water. We sometimes added salt, but that was about it! If you are eating corn, I would highly recommend corn masa over corn meal. It is processed in such a way that the nutrients from corn are more bio-available, so you get more of them.



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