Friday, February 15, 2013

Wild Flowers in my yard

The first thing you should know is that I live in a desert. So a lot of the typical flowers don't grow here naturally. Which means that the flowers that do grow here give me a kind of thrill, usually. They're just so lovely, and fleeting even more than flowers often are. So, here's some of the flowers that grow in my yard with no effort from me.

Texas Tobacco, grows wild

Desert bluebell

Twining milkweed - I think 

Globe Mallow,  I think

Most of these are pretty small, but quite pretty, when they show up. There's something about finding this little flower in the midst of a barren area that feels uplifting and hopeful.

There's a bit of a relief in enjoying these, too. I won't react to these, at all. They are a pleasure in life which I can be a part of and there's no risk, just an undiluted pinpoint of joy. That's so rare, now. It makes me loves these small joys even more.

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