Saturday, February 2, 2013


You know, I had all these lovely posts on how the New Year Resolution was going and realized something: wow are they incredibly boring. Just, incredibly. I'm erasing them and doing this once a month or so, jeesh!

So...homeschooling could be doing better, eating is doing pretty well, but had a couple backslides where I ate something with sulfites, and writing is coming apace. The house could be better, too, but it's still tolerable.

Although today is a depressing day. I reacted, and I don't know to what. Seriously, it would have to be something I touched and touched my hands to my mouth without thinking - maybe the library book? Seriously, it's so ridiculous sometimes how sensitive my body can be. When you don't even know what set you off, but you know it's a gluten reaction, very depressing.

Now it's day two with vertigo so bad that I'm nauseated all day long AND I can't drive safely. And today was the day for our fieldtrip so I had to cancel.

I hate this, when my own physical crap is ruining something for the kids. Makes me want to cry, honestly it does.

I'll have to do something extra cool with them in a few days when I can drive again.

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