Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Dairy Free mashed potatoes

This is the simplest recipe for mashed potatoes and is shockingly good. Three ingredients, make it all yourself, if you like.

rendered beef fat - I render mine myself.

Make mashed potatoes like you normally would except use beef fat instead of butter and milk. In other words, boil the potatoes, drain them, mash them, and mix with fat and salt to the desired texture and taste.

It's seriously pretty awesome.  If the potatoes are too soft, you can add some homemade potato starch to thicken them up.

Vegetarian Version:
For my vegetarian friends, I tend to:
1.  Make mashed potatoes cooked in veggie broth instead of water (and save the broth to make into a soup that night later or something)

or 2. Add some oil and veggie broth to the mashed potatoes later along with some homemade potato starch to make up for the extra liquid.

The one challenge with this has been the flavor of the oil. I don't have a lot of choices for oils, so there really isn't a neutral tasting one I can use, which flavors the mashed potatoes unless I have them heavily seasoned. But any oil will do, in a pinch, if you need it. And if you don't have oil, the veggie broth and a thickener (starch, for me) will do fine, too, just a bit less creamy, is all.

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