Monday, October 1, 2012

Baked Apple Sorbet

I utterly love this stuff.

Baked Apple Sorbet

We cooked chopped gala apples (seeds removed but with peels still on) in a solar oven all day a few days ago. You could use a crock pot with a little added water, as well. They were nearly mush by the time they were done. We let them cool and then blended them all together until smooth, and then a little more. I blended until they looked almost a little frothy.

Then we put them in an ice cream maker and made an apple sorbet that tasted like frozen baked apples - with a little cinnamon and nutmeg, this would probably taste like apple pie sorbet.

It was a really interesting flavor, very yummy! The really curious thing was the texture. We make melon sorbet all the time, no problem, and it tastes like sorbet, like an ice. This? It had a texture that was smoother, more like a gelato, even though it was one single ingredient. I'm guessing it's the apples themselves.

The color is a pretty beige. The juice was a darker reddish brown at first, but once we got it really creamed up in the ice cream maker, it lightened up.

Looks like caramel, doesn't it? :-)

The one warning I'd have is to eat this right away. Frozen, it's awesome. When it began to melt it didn't taste half as good, IMO.

LOW HISTAMINE DIET NOTES - Kept as is, with just apples, this is low histamine diet compliant in terms of ingredients. Nutmeg is 'bad' on some lists, but don't add the cinnamon, as that's on the 'no' list for every list I've seen. The longer cooking time might be troublesome for some. If that's the case, microwave this with a little water for a shorter period.

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