Sunday, September 30, 2012

Okay, life is still good, in spite

It's funny how life can still be good even when weird, frustrating things keep happening.

My injured foot a few weeks ago turned out to be a broken bone. Two of them, actually. Which I managed to acquire by tripping over, I dunno, a microscopic piece of lint on my carpet. As opposed to valiantly rescuing a band of baby quails from a speeding car or something.

I made soup a couple days ago and reacted pretty badly. Sick for two days. My daughter reacted too. The only possible culprits that didn't come from my own garden were squash from my mother's garden (the soil has some additions that could have been problematic) and the ground beef from my meat guy.

Today we tried the meat by itself and that was it. My meat is not good any longer, which usually means the processing changed, but that was the only meat I've been using. I just bought 10 POUNDS of meat from this gentleman, and now I can't eat ANY of it. The kids can, thankfully, but it's just...10 POUNDS!

There goes a major source of iron and calories for me. :-(

I'm limping around today, hungry, headachy and dizzy from the reaction (thankfully we trialed only a little amount), and feeling a little down about how much work there is to do and how hard it is to do it.

But I'm trying to remember the good stuff, too. The sun is outside and it's a beautiful day. My kids are getting along great right now and homeschooling has been really fun lately. I've been enjoying 'The Smart Alec's Guide to American History' lately. Goofy, silly, and it's getting the kids interested in this overview of history. They've been very uninterested in anything historical, so it's lovely to see them engaging in this.

And most of my house is clean (Aside from dishes. There are ALWAYS dishes.)

And on top of that, the three year old that I was babysitting nearly 24/7 for an entire week - with the broken bones! - has gone home with mama. Suddenly, even feeling sick and tired is much easier to cope with than it would have been with the little guy around, as cute as he was.

So life is being a bit of a pain, but at the same time, there's still a lot of good I can focus on. Like the fact that the potatoes I made were yummy and tasty, especially with the diced chile pepper I found hidden away in my garden. :-D

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