Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Snack: Apples

Time: 5-30 min, depending on which snack

Main Ingredient:
Apples, any variety

Snack Ideas:
1. Eat the apple. ;-)

2. Slice up apple, arrange on a plate, and serve with various dips like homemade nut butters, honey or other liquid sweetener, cooked and sweetened fruit that's tart, cream. Additions like cinnamon, nutmeg, and fresh, grated ginger work well, if tolerated.

3. Chop apple into small pieces and heat in a saucepan on med. until soft and fragrant. Quick homemade apple sauce. A dab of fresh lemon juice can work well for color and flavor, but does best with very sweet apples. Can add cinnamon, nutmeg, or a sweetener, if tolerated.

4. Mix cold, chopped apple with cold, salted pieces of chicken or pork. Or mix with chopped carrots, other chopped fruit, dried fruit, or flaked coconut.

5. Make homemade apple sauce and serve with small pieces of cooked pork or poultry.

6. Mix chopped apples with seeds like sunflower or squash. Roasted squash seeds can be made from scratch from most squashes, like pumpkin, butternut, acorn, spaghetti, kabocha. All good.

7. Mix chopped apples with nuts. Raw nuts will work, but if you can put a pan on med-low and dry toast nuts for a couple minutes, it's usually better. Do not burn, as the oil in some nuts can actually turn rancid as a result of burning (who knew?).

8. Pieces of slightly warmed apple mixed into mashed sweet potato. Maple syrup or toasted pecans may be added as well.

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