Thursday, January 26, 2012

Starting from Scratch - literally

The me of 10 years ago: mom of one and a self-taught mediocre cook of traditional American fair with a Mexican, Asian, or Indian meal thrown in here and there.

The me of 9 years ago: mom of two, still a mediocre cook, but one who had to find brand new recipes for all my traditional American, Mexican, Asian, or Indian meals so that they didn't include anything with dairy, for baby #2. Asian food became much more of a staple.

The me of now: mom of two, still working on that cooking, but now have a number of new foods to avoid, so it's back to the drawing board for the recipes again. Or in other words...I'm really, really tired. ;-D

Which brings me to this blog. I hope to keep track of what recipes I've come up with, at this point. Some may be good, some may be really bad (Trust, some will be. I have no doubts on this score), but I'm learning as I go.

The challenge is avoiding all the foods I or my children can't have. We only have a few food issues, but they're with ingredients that are in nearly all processed food, and we're sensitive enough to have trouble with ingredients derived from these foods or contaminated from these foods, too. Gluten, corn, dairy, eggs, soy, sugarcane - all on the No list. Plus a few others.

I used to think cooking from scratch meant I didn't use a mix. I've adjusted that waaaay down. I've got an olive oil and a sea salt as my two processed foods. Anything else? Well, for the moment I get to make it, whether it's vinegar or tomato paste.

So this blog is the blog of cooking from scratch, from the perspective of someone who is having to learn how to cook, for the third time in a row. A bit nerve wracking, honestly. I didn't learn it all that well the first two times!

But, well, third time's the charm, right?

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