Thursday, October 13, 2016

Halloween Resolution...because why not

I was just looking back over my old posts today and came across my New Years Resolution from 2013...which has totally not happened, sigh.  Gained weight instead of losing, have less time for house, field trips, and attempts at starting a career than I ever have.

Lots of things happening to influence this of course, including my daughter being looked at for two new chronic illnesses on top of the two she already has, plus an autism diagnosis for her, plus my son's new competitive sport that takes up about as much time as a part time job, at this point.

It makes it difficult to have time to try to get a career, to take care of the house, and most importantly, to cook and take care of myself and the kids. And this week I finally got a pause (the kids both got sick at the same time, so I actually had some time in the house while they napped where I had some free moments), and I'm realizing that I really want to try and achieve all those old resolutions.

No, rather, I need to, if I want to get a handle on things. Halloween is one of my favorite holidays, I'm just gonna make my Halloween Resolution this year instead. Never did like New Years much anyway.

So - my Halloween resolution: Keep asking yourself, 'should you do this?'

Short and sweet, and all it boils down to is that if I know something is not in my best interest, or that of my kids, stop doing it...or start doing the thing that is in our best interest. Food, activities, time management, cleaning, gardening, whatever - just try not to act like a dumbass.

I'm not gonna get this 100% off the bat. But I'm going to try to build that habit into my daily actions, just asking myself if I should, say, eat this food, or take a nap, or go out to this store, or do this with my kids or for them.   It's kind of simple and yet not easy, but at least building up the habit might help, right? It would have been nice if I was a much better person who already did this, but life has been so crazy the last few years that I think some of that habit has been worn away, and I need to build it back up again.

And because of that, I'm going to stop right here, because right now, I really need to go make food for the kids rather than keep writing this! ^_^

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