Thursday, May 28, 2015


Soooooo, I possibly shouldn't have tried to lose weight while oxalate dumping, because now I've hit a dilemma: are my mast cells freaking out because I'm lowering oxalates too fast, or because I'm losing weight?

Both of these things seem to trigger them (if my speculation about the oxalates is right). I know that I have to increase exercise levels really, really slowly or it sets off mast cell degranulation. About 1-2 minutes more each day, when things are reactive - it can take me up to nearly 2 months to increase walking time to an hour a day, if I'm stupid and stop exercising for a while (VERY motivating not to be stupid!).

 I know that I have to lose weight slowly, because if I get too hungry? Mast cell degranulation. Yeah, that's right, I'm allergic to dieting and exercise. I swear I need another t-shirt for that.

And I think that my mast cells trigger to a decrease in oxalates.

But doing both things at the same time, now I don't know if I'm dumping oxalates too fast, or dropping calories too fast (just trying to lose 1 pound a week right now, so it's not that fast). Sigh.

Guess it's time to just maintain oxalate levels and keep losing weight for a few days and see if things improve or not. Which kind of sucks, because if it's the weight issue, the pain is just going to continue - feels like every bone is kind of radiating pain into the rest of the body. Not fun, and having trouble sleeping through it for long at this point.

I am not too happy about this crap, at times like this.

At the same's a good reminder. Because I used to feel like this ALL the time, before all my dietary changes. And now, I only feel this way when things go wrong or change too much. So, you know, progress! Woot!

Now I just need to find out how to get some sleep...

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