Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Potater Tots 2

Potater Tots part 2. They look much better now, eh?

After making Potater Tots a few more times, some words of potater wisdom for an improved recipe.

Ingredients Changes:
1. Using garlic as seasoning, not such a good idea. If it's on the inside of the potatoes, it's fine, but any that happens to be the outside and comes into contact with the pan burns like mad and is very bitter. Which, uh, is kind of a 'duh' moment, when I think about how garlic usually reacts to high heat. I'm going to try and make some of these with chopped garlic or homemade garlic paste in the middle and see if it works.

2. Less olive oil results in slightly burnt potato on the stove setting needed to crisp the potatoes up while on the stove-top. A little more oil than 4 Tb and the potato tends to be more browned and crispy.

Directions Changes:
1. Squeezing out the water with towels or paper towels is annoying. Towels get stained and I have to wash them - yes, I'm lazy, so less work is better, as far as I'm concerned. Paper towels can sometimes be a corn hazard, if the paper towel company adds corn starch to the paper towels. Or at least, I hear this happens to both paper towels and paper plates, to help prevent sticking, but haven't checked it out myself. However, getting a handful of grated potato and squeezing out the water by hand, over the sink or a bowl, works great. It gets the moisture out, but leaves enough to help it stick together a little bit, which I need since I'm not using anything else to help it stick.

And that concludes revamping this recipe, woo hoo!

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